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Touring Spain and France

January 8, 201315:31

The third year of the three years project ELAPS has started, and even though exciting sub-projects remain to be realized, it is a good time to wrap up the work done so far and present it to the community. The travel to southern Europe in the coming two weeks is a first step.

I was invited to present the work on closed-loop delay adaptation and the role of the environment as part of the Retecog Symposium on Dynamics of Agent-Environment Interaction at the University of Zaragoza. I am looking forward to the feedback by researchers versed in modelling motor control, like Bill Warren, Randy Beer, Ezequiel Di Paolo and Thomas B├╝hrmann.

The second stop is the Multisensory Research Group at the University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), where I visit Alexis Perez, who worked with us last year, and his group, who do exciting work on multisensory integration. I had vivid and fruitful discussion with some researchers from the MRG at the last year’s IMRF in Oxford. I will give a talk titled “Asymmetries in processing and recalibration of visuo-motor time perception” that summarizes three projects, where I used both vision-lead and motion-lead temporal discrepancies to measure and recalibrate time perception (some of this work was presented at last years VSS and ECVP, see also our forthcoming paper in Frontiers).

Finally, I will cross over to France, where I present a talk entitled “Did I cause this or did you? The perception of self and other in interaction ” as part of a seminar with the title “From Perceptual Interaction to Extended Cognition” at the Technical University of Compiegne. I am looking forward to meeting many valued former colleagues there, and hope to develop future research directions that combine my interest in perceptual crossing, agency perception and minimal social interaction (cf. work with Malika Auvray) and my current research on the perception of time and action authorship.

For more details on any of the projects, please email me or watch this blog for news on publications and progress.